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After a long time working on the VFX and animation business Florian Weyh and Renato Klieger decided to join forces and provide from the early stages on to the final film.

Our service includes from visual conceptual work, styleframes, motion design, animation direction, vfx supervision, 3D animation and compositing.

Pullmyfinger doesn’t believe on the cold and distant approach from the regular design shops and post-production companies. We want to break the ice, we want to talk directly.

It should be simple, it should be bold.

We don’t want to be fancy, we want to deliver the best. And have fun doing it. Because fun is what drives everything.


Visual concepts, Styleframes, Concept art, Character design.


Visual effects, 3D Simulations, Motion Design.


2D and 3D animation, Animation Direction.


We are always willing to hear from new jobs, stories, people, monkeys and specially finger.
Do you have something you think you could share with us? Do you want to have you finger pulled by us?
Just drop us a line!